About the Man

Dr. Kyle Patrick Hamilton is a US-based queer white poet, programmer, and academic somewhere in the tristate area of 30 years old. They grew up making endless hideous personal webpages and blogs to test out new website-builders in the 00s, and while they dearly miss having that much free time to fuck around with style and structure, they now have Too Many Things To Say to not have someplace to dump them that is not populated mainly by their long-suffering friends, hostile social media strangers, or professional colleagues. So here is their one weird website for anything that's a little too rambly, spicy, or nonliteral to ever eventually become an Academic Publication.

Major essay themes include but are not limited to queerness, technology, community, anarchy, language, pedagogy, and the interactions between them.

Major poetic themes include but are not limited to food, queerness, grief, loving your friends, and the strangeness of having a body. His first chapbook, To All My Friends Who Were Out in Highschool, is available from Bottlecap Press. He has also been published in The World Beyond Our Station, a Transmasc Sci Fi Zine.

For the sake of reluctantly spelling it out, Kyle (he/they or whatever's funny) is transmasc, queer, polyamorous, and somewhere on the asexual, aromantic, and autism spectra. They generally resist categorical labels.

Kyle can also be found at:

More ephemeral updates on the Now page.

About the Site

When coding this site, the webmaster is prioritizing:

  1. Independence from the corporate, commodified, personal data hungry web.
  2. Web design principles that keep the site components modular enough for easy changes.
  3. Having fun and expressing himself.
  4. Accessibility.
  5. Credit to inspirations and sources.
  6. Working within the constraints provided by neocities, rather than using external tools.
  7. No jQuery or other bloated scripting libraries. Only minimal Javascript that is hosted with the rest of the site files and doesn't make cookies or communicate with servers. Sorry, small web/gopher/gemini folks. Kyle is a programmer, and he wants to make interactive things, and neocities doesn't support php.

The webmaster isn't regularly testing for broad compatibility with old/mobile browsers, but if you find any issues feel free to let him know.