Highbridge in the Dark

Parties. Promises. Life. Death. Whimsy.

The Setting - Highbridge

Stretching across a great cavern high in the mountains, Highbridge is a lively city teeming with magic and sprawling in unlikely directions. While it’s intentionally cultivated its identity as a party city designed to be welcoming to outsiders and guests, keeping a city of Highbridge’s size running all day and night requires the work of a great many citizens who call it home and see a very different side of the city. Not everyone relying on the tourists’ money believes in hospitality, either.

Highbridge is a city in the world of Horizon, a magical planet of fairies and dragons and other fantastical beasts whose nonmagical technology is akin to our planet’s Iron Age. Its spirit is somewhere between Las Vegas and New York City.

The Players - Bones, Inc

The Game - Blades in the Dark

While the setting is entirely homebrew, we're using Blades in the Dark for making characters, maintaining group and individual resources, making decisions, and all of those other fun things that keep a story going with a bit of structure and a bit of surprise. While their website seems to be having problems lately, you can find the basics of the game rules online.