• Pronouns: She/They
  • Race: Half-Orc... ish.
  • Age: 18

Ariadelle was stolen as an infant from her cradle, replaced by a sunling whose magical outbursts drove her parents apart in her absence. She was named and raised by they fey, as well, until finally making a break for it at the age of 13 and being let go by the hunter pursuing her in an act of unusual mercy. She eventually reunited with her Orcish mother, but her time with the fey changed her, making her wilder. She has half-controlled Sylvan magic that she can sometimes harness, antler-like nubs, an incurable restlessness, and an underdeveloped sense of mortal morals. But she's trying.

Having recently become a proper adult, but not tracking her age completely, Ari has more or less left home and her practical Orcish mother behind. They've never met their father. They're on a mission to find other changelings, those left on both sides, and often find themselv in trouble because of it. They are, in theory, still hiding from the Summer Court, but subtlety isn't exactly their strong suit.



Fiadh let Ari go when they were supposed to bring her back to the court, and about a year later were contacted out of the blue by a precocious kid just developing her sorcerous magic. They still keep in touch, and share a hideaway in a neutral zone deep in the mountainous woods.