• Pronouns: She/They
  • Race: Fey
  • Heritage: Winter Court
  • Background:
  • Playbook: Hound
Backstory (Here be spoilers) Beep Boop.

Campaign Highlights


Vice Purveyor - Geonevieve

Geonevieve works at the Highlights Cafe, a popular tourist destination just barely off the central dais around the courtyard where The Morning News happens. There's nothing particularly special about her beyond her fast loyalty and distrust of the law, as well as the near-immediate crush she formed on her most mysterious, awkward, and threatening customer, Seb.

Close Friend - Penumbra

Penumbra is a Maskarran information broker who spends a lot of their time invisible around the city, and smelled that something was up with Seb when they saw her watching the news several days in a row and growing increasingly dubious. They invited her in and became her first direct contact with the city's underground, a place where she felt much more comfortable due to the undisguised transactional nature.