• Pronouns: He/Him
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 24

Springleaf is a relatively young Ilsaangi acolyte who has been brought up with traditions specifically designed to foil the fey but who doesn't have particularly strong opinions on Ilsaangi doctrine one way or another. It's a living, and somebody's gotta do the plumbing/undertaking/fey extermination, and he has a pretty strong stomach. His true calling, however, is as a funnyman and older brother, something he's been deprived of through unfortunate circumstance. He is, other than the anti-fey religion and comfort with gross things like dead bodies and shit, a pretty regular dude.

Even if he doesn't suspect that the person he's talking to is fey, he always introduces himself "you may call me" before saying his name and carries around vials of compost in case a stranger tries to offer a gift. As is the traditional way. He's almost always seen wearing his bird-beaked plague doctor masque and Ilsaangi robes.



Oleander is the first archfey who Springleaf has ever met, and his first Sylvan native who can actually talk. The flower and alligators are much easier to just treat as pests. He knows Oleander is fey, and he's followed all of the usual precautions so as to not give her ownership over any piece of him, but he also mostly thinks of her as a harmless little sister. She's his perfect comedic foil--he can play the straight man, just say anything, and she'll walk directly into his jokes. She'll believe anything he says. While he hasn't thought too deeply about her relationship to any larger forces, he's more or less under the assumption that she's hiding out in Summer Court territory because she's on the run from Winter. Or that Ilsaang probably hates Winter less. Or something.