Pixel Art

Bureau of Balance Bracers

A grey, handknit fingerless glove with silver beads making the symbol of the Bureau of Balance from The Adventure Zone. A pixel art rendering of the chart for the bracer beading.
Chart coming soon!


A handknit cowl showing many whimsical white ghosts on a black background. A handknit cowl showing many whimsical black ghosts on a white background around the outside, with one edge propped up to show a peek of the reverse-color mirror image on the inside. A pixel art rendering of the black ghosts on a white background.
Chart coming soon!

Night Vale

A small jar with a cork stopper, swaddled in a purple handknit cozy that depicts the moon-iris eye logo of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.
Chart coming soon!

Achievement Hunter

A tall, thick, handknit black beanie with the Achievement Hunter logo in green. The logo depicts the xbox achievement icon, but with a star that has a joystick cutout in place of the trophy.
Chart coming soon!
(Look, this one's old. Predates all of the controversy. Still proud of the work.)

Kingdom Hearts

A black handknit hat with the Kingdom Hearts logo on it. The logo is a teal stylized heart with a Disney crown on top. A black handknit hat with the Heartless symbol from Kingdom Hearts in red. The symbol is shaped like a fleur de lis with a heart instead of the top half and two lines crossing through it.
Charts coming soon!


A grey handknit object with an orange and white fox stitched over it. Most of the fox is in a pixel art style matching the shape of the stitches, but the whiskers are embroidered on top with no regard for the grid.
Chart coming soon!

Tiling Flowers

A tall, knit, 4-colored beanie laid flat on the table. The crown of the hat is a dark pink, and the short ribbed brim is a dark green. Using three bands of fair isle flowers with some geometric flourishes, the hat transitions from dark pink to light pink to light green to dark green.
Chart coming soon (although it's nearly this one)!

Where's the pixel art??

Part of the plan for this page is that I'd like to do more dedicated pixel arting that's more an end in and of itself than a means to knitted objects. (I'd like to make a doll-maker script that people can use for their own dress up doll pages and then make a little pixel me with my actual wardrobe as a case study, and I'm always coming up with dumb ideas for games.)

But for now what I actually have examples of are knitting charts! Some of these are fair isle friendly, although for most of them I'd recommend looking into jacquard floats and many of them were actually designed with double knitting in mind, where float management is not as much of a concern as looking fine backwards (unless you're Alasdair Post-Quinn). The Kingdom Hearts ones I've only ever duplicate-stitched, because they're big contigous shapes of color with holes in them on an otherwise plain background, so they'd be a pain to actually knit with fair isle or intarsia or anything else. They are quite easy to duplicate stitch for exactly the same reasons, though, which I assume means they also work great for cross-stitch. I'm not a cross-stitcher, though, so you'll have to ask around.

As an aside that didn't fit naturally into my rambling, I actually prefer the invisible alternating cast on for double-knitting, which is fiddlier to do but very smooth and matches a kitchener stitch on the bind off side of things. And this jacquard-inspired wizardry that TechKnitter worked out before the first actual knit-as-you-go jacquard float method for handknitters feels like it should be mentioned for a thorough documenting of modern knitting innovation but, having done both, I can't actually recommend it.